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iOS 16 isolation mode turns your iPhone into a bunker

iOS 16 isolation mode turns your iPhone into a bunker

With the arrival of Beta 3 of iOS 16, it has been discovered that it brings with it a new functionality called «isolation mode«. This allows us to convert our iPhone, iPad, Mac…in an impregnable bunker.

New isolation mode in iOS 16

Surely you have heard of Pegasus and other types of software that allow you to get into anyone’s mobile to get all kinds of information. Manzana knows that this exists and that is why it has launched the «Isolation Mode» in iOS 16.

By activating this new function, we will make our phone, iPad… highly impregnable and will protect us from attacks like Pegasus as well as reducing the flanks of this type of spyware attack.

How to activate Isolation Mode and how it works:

To activate this new mode, which is natively deactivated and that anyone can activate, we will have to go to the following route: Settings / Privacy and security in the Security section, click on Isolation mode. Tap Turn on Isolation mode, and after that, tap Turn on and restart the iPhone for it to start working.

When activated, what this new mode does is… :

Before activating this mode you will see an explanation of the consequences of activating it. It is good that you weigh it before doing it.

We think that it is a functionality that is indicated for people with high-value information, such as politicians, journalists, high-ranking officials… . But come on, if you want to activate it you can do it as long as you know the details of doing it.

We hope you have been interested in this news and see you soon.