IPhone 6s Plus why does an external camera like FLiR no longer charge the phone after the interaction window?

I have an external iPhone camera attachment and it has an external power input. My understanding is that the camera is part of an MFi (made for iPhone) – a certified accessory.

According to the manufacturer, it should charge the phone when the camera receives external power:

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  1. I turn on the camera, the charging symbol appears
  2. There camera opens a dialog window that asks to interact with a predefined program
  3. The charge symbol disappears and does not return
  4. I can confirm that the phone is not receiving power – discharging when the camera is connected.

I called the manufacturer and the camera is not faulty – it has something to do with new iOS – I tried 9.0 and 9.2

Is there anything new about the MFi (made for iPhone) program that prevents external devices from charging the phone? Is there a way to prevent the phone from creating an interaction dialog for that particular app?

I have verified that the accessory is compatible with MFi:

Check to make sure there is no flame buildup in the Lightning port. Take a wooden or plastic toothpick (do not use anything metallic) and clean the hatch, moving it from edge to edge, pulling out any grime or smeared dust. Even a small amount of buildup will prevent the accessory from fully seating properly, sometimes generating a “This accessory is not supported” error, or simply preventing the device from charging, even when it has worked properly before.