IPhone malware discovered in a multitude of applications

A cybersecurity company has found iPhone and iPad malware in different applications that are available in the App Store.

Up to 14 apps could infect with Malware

Apple is not going through its best streak. A few days ago we knew about its fall on the stock market and paralysis of the shares due to it. Also very recently, we had knowledge that they had been detected a malicious app and one fake app in the App Store.

14 retro-style games are the ones that could contain malware for iPhone and iPad

Well, the thing does not end there since, it has just been known that more than ten apps from the App Store have been compromised with regard to security, having had access to malicious code that could affect the users who have downloaded them.

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The malware that they would have been affected by is called Golduck. This malware was and is very present in different games that can be downloaded from the Android application store but, apparently, it has also reached iOS, also in the form of games.

IPhone malware discovered in a multitude of applications

One of the applications with connection to Golduck

Specifically, it affects a total of 14 App Store games which are all retro classics. That they belong to this category is no coincidence. And it is not since, many users of mobile devices, look for the games they played as children in the application stores.

The applications as such do not contain the malicious code. In other words, they were not developed with the intention of stealing data or executing unauthorized actions on the device, two actions carried out by the Golduck malware.

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What happens is that in them there is a back door that connects to the server that can emit and spread the malware. That is, although it has not happened yet, if someone with not very good intentions wanted to infect millions of devices ios With Golduck, you could do this if users had the affected games installed, which are as follows:

  • Commando Metal: Classic Contra.
  • Super Pentron Adventure: Super Hard.
  • Classic Tank vs Super Bomber.
  • Super Adventure of Maritron.
  • Roy Adventure Troll Game.
  • Trap Dungeons: Super Adventure.
  • Bounce Classic Legend.
  • Block Game.
  • Classic Bomber: Super Legend.
  • Brain It On: Stickman Physics.
  • Bomber Game: Classic Bomberman.
  • Classic Brick – Retro Block.
  • The Climber Brick.
  • Chicken Shoot Galaxy Invaders.
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we hope that Apple take action soon but, in the meantime, we recommend not downloading any of them and, if you have one installed, uninstall it as soon as possible.