IPhone screen mirror via browser

There is a tool that could be used to mirror an iPhone screen via browser.

What I need is to give someone a URL and when the URL is opened in the browser, could they see a mirror of my iPhone?

Cannot find anything while searching. Anyone know of such a tool that could help achieve screen mirroring via browser?

I am doing this for Android using Vysor. Cannot find a similar one for iOS (if one exists)

This is a little dated, and may not be quite what you wanted, but it should still work. There is no easy way to do this. To share your screen, you need to have an application named Reflector And Google Hangouts , Skype or iMessages . Here is the link to the site I found, but I will also list the steps in case the link comes down: http://mgalligan.com/post/29978268510/screen-share-iphone-live-on-internet

  • Download Reflector (this awesome application allows your computer to become an AirPlay compatible display)

  • Activate spotlight – it’s simple. Just open the newly downloaded Reflector app, double-tap your iPhone’s Home button, swipe left twice to show the volume control and a small button to the right to share your screen. You should see “iPhone” or “iPad” according to your device and then your computer name. After tapping the computer name, make sure “Mirroring” is turned on. Note: You should see your iPhone screen on your computer screen. Go ahead, try it out.

  • Start a Google Hangout, Messages.app or Skype screen share. Note: If you use Google Hangouts and use multiple screens, make sure the browser window with chat in it is on the same screen as the Reflector application. Just choose the Reflector app as your screen share and voila!