IPod Nano (7th gen) Bluetooth connection keeps dropping

When I use my iPod Nano (7th generation) with SwageU Bluetooth headphones, the connection keeps dropping with a double beep. Both devices are charged. I haven’t had a problem using these headphones with an iPad. Which one should I blame, the iPod or the headphones?

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  • First I tried a simple restart (press and hold the sleep / wake button and the home button until the screen goes dark and release when you see the Apple logo)
  • Disconnect the Bluetooth headphones from everything. The manufacturer must have instructions on how to unpack them from everything at once or you can manually separate them from all devices individually.
  • Turn off and disable Bluetooth on your iPod.
  • Get a $ 10 – $ 15 Bluetooth speaker from Wal-Mart and find out if it works with your iPod.

Check this Apple Support link for more information.

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