iTunes My Music – Allow explicit content disabled (personal library)

After updating to iTunes 12.2, I cannot play explicit content music (from my library). I have the following notice.

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Also, when I saw the explicit content option under parental controls, it was turned off.

Anyone have any idea how to disable this option and get access to explicit content?

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I had also contacted apple support for the same question and got the response from apple:

Dear Sahil,

Thank you for contacting iTunes Store Support, my name is Richard and I am a Senior Advisor here in the iTunes Store.

The previous consultant transferred this case to me to help you resolve this issue.

I understand that you failed to download explicit content from iTunes Store after iTunes update. I appreciate that this must be an inconvenience!

I understand that you have been able to access this content before and now you are unable. I too would be mad if this were me!

I have spoken to our investigation team and have been informed that, unfortunately, this is the intended behavior as your country’s laws no longer allow us to distribute explicit content.

I am very sorry for this inconvenience Sahil because I am sure it is not the answer you were looking for.

Thanks in advance for your patience with this.



iTunes Store Senior Consultant

Update to iTunes v12.2.1.16, seems to solve the problem… 🙂

It seems clear enough to me.
Apple is following the laws of the country you live in, presumably India judging by the number of Google hits I see for this problem.

Your only option would be to try to change your iTunes Store country – but that depends on being able to provide a credit card from that country.

See Apple KB – Change Your iTunes Store Country…

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