Kami 2 is the ultimate puzzle game

If you are enjoying Easter at home and suddenly you get bored because you can’t find what to do, then you have to download the game of us 2.

Kami 2 is a puzzle game, and from the outset each puzzle looks like a painting of these that you see in modern art museums, something that you would like to hang on the wall and that it is almost painful to break down to find the solution.

But Kami 2 is much more than just a pretty game. Its puzzles are made up of a series of colorful connected triangles that strike the perfect balance between challenge and relaxation. And believe me that once you start playing you will never get bored again because this game is addictive like few others.

Kami 2 starts out simple, perhaps too simple. The goal at each stage is to turn the patterned screen into a single solid color. To do this, you must select the colors at the bottom of the screen, and use them to “paint” the areas of the puzzle. Each stage has to be completed in a specified number of moves.

As I said, From the beginning the puzzles are very easy to solve. But once you pass the first two puzzle blocks, the difficulty begins to increase with more colors and increasingly complex designs.

Personally, I have come across a couple of puzzles that I have literally had to take a break from because if you are a competitive person you will feel a bit frustrated when you can’t find the solution.

But even with puzzles that seem impossible at first, Kami 2 is still a relaxing experience. Largely due to presentation. Kami 2 looks like a paper game, with the puzzles realistically folding and flipping. The game developer took the game’s design very seriously. Hence, when you finish a level, it is so pleasant to hear the sound of the triangles being ordered and see the final result in a single color.

The Kami 2 game for iOS is available for free on the App Store. The game offers track packs that you can buy for those levels where you have no idea how to start or continue.

Kami 2 has over 100 levels to play with and a creation tool so you can design and share your own puzzles.

The only warning is that you set an alarm so that the game warns you when to stop and once you start you can spend hours playing without even realizing it.