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Leak the first image of ASUS ZenFone 9: dual camera and ZenTouch

Leak the first image of ASUS ZenFone 9: dual camera and ZenTouch

We have yet to recover from the incredible Asus Rog Phone 6 Pro gaming smartphone (find our review here), but the company Taiwan does not want to take breath and it seems ready to launch the successor of the excellent Zenfone 8.

The first images of the phone appeared on the net in January of this year, right along with the first clues of the monstrous Rog Phone 6, and showed the backwith an imaging compartment consisting of two cameras and a new one touch functionality on the rear panel.

Now the new Zenfone 9 appeared in a video on YouTubecurrently closed, which was later taken up on a Facebook post and shows the same arrangement as the cameras but move the touch functionality on the side, as well as providing other interesting insights.

As can be seen from the opening image, Asus seems to give a lot of prominence to the new feature, named ZenTouch. Apparently it is a sensor placed on the side called Smart Key which would allow you to browse the pages by swiping over your finger. Recall that in Asus smartphones the Smart Key and the power buttonwhich is programmable for double press or long press.

One of the most likely hypotheses is that the new Smart Key come integrated in the power buttonwhich would become a swipe-operated fingerprint sensor (although this would mean goodbye to the fingerprint sensor under the Zenfone 8 Fllip screen).

As for the others featureswe can see how Asus continue to propose a solution a dual camera how Zenfone 8 And Rog Phone 6 Prohoping the generous dimensions are synonymous with quality or major functionality.

The back is dishwith a matte finish blue in color that might look like resin e edges slightly rounded. The frames and the area around the goals are blacks and the words “09“remembers the one on the back of the Rog Phone 6 Pro.

We are also happy to confirm the presence of the audio jack (photo above), just like in Zenfone 8. To conclude, a number of juicy ones have also been leaked Technical specifications:

At the moment we do not know when the new Asus Zenfone 9 it will come announcedbut it promises to be a compact top very interesting, so keep going follow us to stay updated!