Learn how to restore iPhone from settings

Today we are going to teach you restore iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from device settings. In this way we will not need to connect to iTunes to perform the restoration.

When we have been with our apple device for a long time, it is always recommended to perform a restore and leave our device with the factory settings. In other words, we will have the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch like the first day.

What we achieve with this is to eliminate any errors that we have, free up space (cache, applications…). Once the process is done, we will see that its performance is much better than before restoring, it improves autonomy, fluidity…

We have two ways to restore an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Through iTunes or from the settings, the latter is much faster than the former. We explain step by step how to restore from the settings, back in the day we already did it from iTunes, you can see it HERE.


The steps that we have to follow are really simple and in a very short time we will have our iPhone as the first day.

We go to the device settings and click on the tab “General”, from which we configure almost every aspect of our little bitten apple.

Once inside, we scroll through the extensive menu to the end, where we find a new tab with the name of “Restore”.

Within this tab we will see many options to reset. What the word reset tells us is that these settings are left as they were when they came from the factory, that is, without the configurations that we have made.

Since what we want is to restore the iPhone, click on the tab “Clear content and settings.”

The process may take a few minutes, it all depends on the content we have on the device. But, as we have seen, in this simple way we can restore the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the settings of the same device.

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