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Listen to FREE music, up to 3 months, with Amazon Music Unlimited

Listen to FREE music, up to 3 months, with Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon wants to compete with Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music… With a great offer. Thanks to Amazon Music Unlimited, you can enjoy free music from 1 to 3 months.

In everything that is successful, there is Amazon. The e-commerce giant wants to compete with the streaming music majors. For this reason, it has a very good offer in force that we recommend you hunt.

If you are one of the people who cannot afford to pay a subscription to Spotify, Apple Music… and you listen to a lot of music, it will surely interest you.

You will abandon, for a time, music apps that you use to listen to songs and you will use the following application …

How to get 3 months of FREE music on Amazon Music Unlimited:

The offer is as follows:

FREE Music on Amazon

As you can see in the image above, they offer us a 30-day trial. Simply access the following link to Start your 30-day free trial.

By clicking on the option that gives us the possibility to enjoy the free month of music, will take us to the next option. As you can see, it gives us the option of not paying. Choose it.

That if, if you want to enjoy 3 months of free music on Amazon Music, You must display «see other rates» and select the option «Individual rate – annual«. Selecting that option and making the payment of the € 99 You will have the month free plus the 2 months that Amazon gives you by making the annual payment.

TIP: What we would do would be to enjoy the month for free, without paying anything, and after those 30 days, make the payment of the € 99 / year.

The Amazon Music Unlimited Music Catalog:

And we tell you that it is a very good offer because, believe it or not, it has a larger music catalog than Apple Music and Spotify. Look at the numbers:

Did you find the offer interesting?

And another good thing is that, in case you subscribe, the payment will be made with the card, account that you have linked to Amazon, so you will not have to give any extra information unless you want to change the payment method.