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Make a call transfer on Moto G6

Make a call transfer on Moto G6

Call transfer on Moto G6 is sometimes a really convenient operation. For example, when you are in a situation where you need to transfer calls from one phone number to a second phone number, this guide was created for you. Whether it’s transferring calls from your work phone to your Moto G6 or stupidly transferring calls from your Moto G6 to your landline, we’ll see how. So we will first see what is the technique to enable call forwarding on the Moto G6. In a second step, we will discover the method to disable a call transfer. Finally, we will see which applications will be able to configure and manage a call transfer.

Set up call forwarding on your Moto G6

Setting up a call transfer on the Moto G6 is extremely simple. To do this, go to the menu level of the phone. Once this is done, enter Call settings then in Additional settings (When these options are not visible in the device menu, you will see them in the menu of the page where you dial your numbers). Once done, go to the tab call transfer. On this tab, you can define the type of call you want to transfer. So you have the option to transfer normal calls or video calls. so select voice call and you can see the transfer settings. Calls are originally redirected to voicemail. So remember to write down the phone number before you replace it! When all is well, all you have to do is select the call transfer terms:

Once the option and the destination phone number are set, call forwarding is activated on your Moto G6. You have the option to test to see if it works correctly.

Remove call forwarding on a Moto G6

Assuming you want to disable a call forwarding that you previously scheduled on your Moto G6, it’s pretty easy. In fact, all you have to do is go back to the call transfer menu and select all the activated options. For all transfers activated, just click on it and choose Deactivate. Your calls will no longer be forwarded.

Go through an application to perform a call transfer from your Moto G6

As usual, there are also applications that allow you to transfer calls to the Moto G6. In fact, if the classic method doesn’t work or you want more options to transfer your call, using a specialized application may be the solution. Apps like Forward My Calls have additional settings, such as the ability to turn on transfer exclusively for a period of time. Many apps also have SMS forwarding, which can often be convenient. So you need to install the app and let it guide you. It’s up to you to set your favorite call forwarding options on your Moto G6. If this tutorial was useful to you, you will probably be interested in our tutorial: How to transfer photos from your Moto G6 to your PC/Mac.