Make live videos on Instagram from your iPhone

New update with news, now we can make live videos on Instagram from our iPhone and also very easy.

Today we are going to teach you make live videos on Instagram from our iPhone and in a very simple way, to share with our followers at the moment.

Instagram it is constantly updated and also always brings us important news, as it is this time to broadcast live from our history. That is, now the Stories has improved a little more and implements a new option to share streaming videos.

It is also totally easy to make these videos and it is available to all users, not like sharing links.

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What we have to do is go to our story, but yes, before all this, we must update the app to the latest version. To do this, we go to the App Store and update the app.

When we have it updated, we will see that there are some icons that have changed. The icon to share a story has now been replaced by an icon of a photo camera.

Therefore, we click on this new icon and we will see a new tab at the bottom, with the name of “Direct”. By clicking here we will start broadcasting live to all our followers, in addition, they inform us that some followers will receive a notification so they can see our video.

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Make live videos on Instagram from your iPhone

In this simple way we can broadcast live videos on Instagram and share with all our followers the place where we are or the message we want to convey … in short, we can use it for whatever we want.

Therefore, if you were waiting for this option or if you really did not care, we advise you to try it and enjoy it properly.