Millions of Sekiro at players’ homes with a new update soon

The latest FromSoftware game is selling great.

FromSoftware fans are still waiting for information on the return of Demon’s Souls in the announced remake from Bluepoint Games studio. Meanwhile, the Japanese developer shook off another success. Sale Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has already exceeded 5 million units. The information was provided on the Activision blog and the official FromSoftware website.

The studio celebrated this event with one more announcement. FromSoftware announced a free update Ax, which will hit players on October 29. The main novelty will be the ability to fight defeated bosses again, either individually or as part of a series, which will prepare us for special challenges. These will require you to complete them without dying once, which should keep the fiercest players busy.

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Another new feature will be the Remnants system, which will be a combination of bloodstains and news from the Dark Souls series. Thanks to it, we will be able to provide a maximum 30-second recording of our actions in the game, in order to leave tips for other people (or to show off a particularly spectacular feat). If someone evaluates the left mark, our character will regain health points. In addition, the update will introduce new outfits, although these will be purely cosmetic. It’s not much, but the mere fact that a single player game from over a year ago will receive any significant update is more than we could have expected.

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