More exciting new apps coming to the App Store

One of the most anticipated compilations by all of you arrives. arrive the new apps outstanding, which have landed in the apps Store in the last seven days… are you going to miss them?

New apps come to iOS

The middle of the week arrives and with it our selection of the best New applications that have arrived in the last week, to the app store of Manzana.

Many have arrived this week new games to the App Store and few noteworthy apps from other categories. That is why, in order not to name only games, we have put our interesting app detection machine at maximum power to find gems from other categories. It has cost us but we have found them.

New applications for iPhone and iPad:

Below we show the best applications released between April 21 and 28, 2022.

dreamy grasshopper :

dreamy grasshopper

Musical game with hypnotic melodies in which we will have to reveal unreal and technicolor visions. Dream Grasshopper is a zen experience of ease and discovery. Just tap to jump from shape to shape and let your mind reveal a beautiful presence of calm.

Download Dream Grasshopper

Square Valley :

Square Valley

You are in charge of creating unique lands that meet the needs of the citizens. To achieve this, you will need to place houses, trees, farms, animals and much more. Each tile you place is unique in its characteristics and will be scored accordingly. Also create paths, rivers, fences and more to connect all your tiles in a meaningful way.

Download Square Valley

Sago Mini First Words :

Sago Mini First Words

App that is the most playful way to support the little ones on their way to learning the English language. Discover learning games developed by speech therapists, child psychologists and experts in child development.

Download First Words Sago Mini

Gun Action – Shoot n Run :

Gun Action

Crazy fast-paced casual shooter that drops you right into a world of speed, pinpoint shooting, parkour, and massive explosions. You run and shoot. That’s all you do in this simple game that mixes action and adrenaline pumping with surprises around every corner to make sure you never get bored.

Download Gun Action

Planze – Guide, Water & Care :


Personal care assistant in the world of indoor plants. Have you ever forgotten to water your plants? With Planze you will never miss your watering day. Get a preset care plan for your plants and get regular reminders when it’s time to water, spray, repot or fertilize any of them considering their species.

Download Planze

Without further ado, we are waiting for you next week to introduce you to the most outstanding new apps of the next seven days.

Do not miss it. Greetings.