More payment methods on the iPhone? A not so distant possibility

Manzana could be forced to open the NFC of their devices to allow other payment services, in addition to ApplePayin the iPhoneamong others.

Google Pay on iPhone?

It’s been quite a while since Manzana payment is available in iPhone. This functionality, also present in other devices such as Manzana Watchmakes paying in stores and withdrawing money (as long as our bank is compatible), much simpler and more efficient thanks to our devices.

As a system of Manzana, is the one found on your devices. But from the looks of it, this could be about to change. This is because the use of Manzana payment depends depends on NFC of the devices. And from NFC of the iPhone Y Manzana Watch can only use the services of Manzana.

The EU considers that Apple takes advantage of its position to prevent other services from making use of NFC

And this is where the problem lies. The EU understands that by preventing other services from making use of the iPhone’s NFC, Apple is taking advantage of its position. In other words, it accuses it of being a monopoly again and of abusing its position to prevent other services from making use of the NFCbeing the intention that Manzana allow other payment methods such as Google payment.

Apple Pay cards in Wallet

This new “incident” joins those previously known. We are talking about the imposition that the EU wants to make in relation to the USC-C and that it be the standard in all devices. And not only this one but also the one that would force Apple to allow users to install apps from outside the apps Store.

Of course, it is early to know if this will happen. But it is convenient to know that, if all these “ideas” become the norm in the EU, Manzana You will have to accept and comply with them in order to continue selling your products in the Union European. What do you all think of this?