Move an app to HTC U12’s SD card

Sometimes the apps that are installed on HTC U12 take up a lot of memory. That is why it is convenient to be able to move applications to the SD card of your HTC U12. And yes, that saves space on your phone. To do this, there are two solutions that can vary depending on the phone and the version of Android. We will first see how to copy applications to the HTC U12 SD card through the applications menu. We will see later how to use an app to copy apps to HTC U12 SD card.

Move apps to SD card via menu HTC U12

This solution does not work on all phones. In case it doesn’t work for you, you should move on to the second step. To move the apps installed on your HTC U12 to the SD card, you will need to go to the parameters . When you’re done, go to the tab Application . Then you will see all the apps that are installed on your HTC U12 appear. You need to choose the app you want to copy to the SD card to open its settings page. You should see a button on this page called: Move to SD card . Just click on it to copy the app. In case you don’t find this, you should use the second method.

Move apps to HTC U12 SD card with an app

There are several apps that offer the ability to copy apps to HTC U12’s SD card. The benefit of using this mechanism is that it provides the opportunity to move all applications at once. Among these apps is AppMgr III which we tested and which works like a nickel. Therefore, we recommend that you install it and be guided. It is quite intuitive and easy to use. So you can move your apps to HTC U12’s SD card in seconds.