MUSI, a good Youtube song player

Today we bring you a simple app called HAS TO, a good youtube song player. It is an application that we can use in our iPhone and iPod TOUCH to enjoy our favorite songs.

Has to allows us to play only the audio of the videos of Youtube, create playlists, make backups of our lists…. With it we can even reproduce and listen to music when the device is locked. Has to You can also stream on any AirPlay enabled device.

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One of the best music apps for iPhone.

Here is a brief description of the features of this app:

  • Playing music directly from YouTube. Even when the device is locked.
  • Music streaming direct to any AirPlay enabled device.
  • Create infinite playlists and organize our music.
  • Share songs with our friends through WhatsApp, iMessage, social networks …
  • Controls Has to through your lock screen, car interface, and more …


Once we download the app, the first thing we find is the following screen.

MUSI, a good Youtube song player

Must app

Its flat and simple interface is very easy to use and it is not necessary to take twenty steps to carry out our musical searches.

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From the same main screen we can search, from the search engine that appears, the desired song. When we do, a list with the results will appear. From there we can choose the song we want.

MUSI, a good Youtube song player

Youtube Songs

We will press «+» to add it to one of our musical lists, to our library….

All the songs that we add to our account will be agglutinated on our main screen. This can result in a mess that can become a bit overwhelming. To avoid this we have the possibility of making LISTS and, in this way, organizing our music as we please. To access them, click on the button that appears in the upper left part of the screen.

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MUSI, a good Youtube song player

Lists with your YouTube songs

Here we pass you a tutorial with which we teach you to do MUSIC LISTS (We will update it shortly).

When we start to play the songs or lists that we have in HAS TO, we can block our iPhone. The songs will continue to play without any problem.

The app also allows us the possibility of making backup copies using the «RESERVE AND MOVE« function. This option is located in the drop-down menu that appears when you press the logo of HAS TO.

MUSI, a good Youtube song player

Backup Youtube Songs

By doing this we will always have a backup of all our songs and playlists, thus ensuring we never lose any of them. We can also have them available on any device, which we install HAS TO.

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Listen to YouTube music with iPhone locked:

As we anticipated you in the characteristics, it is possible to play your music with the iPhone locked. In addition, in this application the musical reproduction is not cut as it can happen in other apps of this style, which when locking the device suffer a cut in the transmission.

MUSI, a good Youtube song player

Youtube songs with iPhone locked

Here we give you a video in which you can see the operation and interface of this app with which we can play songs from YouTube (the video is from an old version, but the current operation is very similar):

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Sounds like a great app to us. All our favorite songs hosted on the YOUTUBE video platform available at HAS TO.

One of the great advantages that we highlight of HAS TO, is that it only plays audio, so we do not see the video itself. This will prevent us from consuming mobile data, since we will only consume the audio data and not the video data, which, as many of you will know, is one of the things that consumes the most data on our devices.

The possibility of being able to BACKUPS our music and lists is one of the functions that we like the most. With this we can download HAS TO in other iPhone, or iOS device, and be able to have, in a moment, all the songs you have on your main device, just by uploading a backup copy.

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The interface is fantastic. Very simple and easy to use, it makes you do not get overwhelmed when using it. There are applications of this type that overwhelm you just by entering them, due to the large number of options it has. Has to has managed to develop the perfect app to play your favorite youtube songs.

It is a totally free app, so if you want to have all your music on your device without spending a euro.