MX Player v1.30 beta adds YouTube search and video playback

The experience of Youtube on mobile it’s one that ebbs and flows as Google adds new features and functions on a whim. This could lead people to third-party players like MX Player. In the last MX Player v1.30 beta version, the multi-format media center adds the ability to search; also play YouTube videos in the app.

MX Player v1.30 beta is one of the most popular third-party players on Android. In fact, MX Player v1.30 beta is used by millions of people around the world. So that? To play a large number of file types, from video to audio. By adding the ability to search YouTube and play videos In the beta version of MX Player V1.30, it is no longer just a media player. It gives you the ability to stream content without requiring the dedicated YouTube app.

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Beta version v1.30 is now rolling out (via Android Police) with those YouTube options. Also with the ability to pinch to zoom when viewing content within the video player window. This works in a similar way to almost all other players, including YouTube, by cropping slightly to remove the side edges with 16: 9 content or 21: 9 video.

Other updates include improvements to video playback speed controls. Also the built-in file management options now also add the ability to cut, copy and paste audio and video files for faster access within MX Player.

For those who are happy to run the preview software, they will be pleased to know that this beta version of MX Player is launching now. However, no word was shared on when these features might end up coming to stable versions of MX Player for now.

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