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My Moto G6 turns off by itself

My Moto G6 turns off by itself

It happens from time to time that the Moto G6 turns off by itself and for no particular reason. It’s extremely annoying, especially when you’re doing something. Do not panic, the fact that your Moto G6 turns off does not necessarily mean that you have a problem. There are, in fact, many possible reasons for this phenomenon. We will therefore see in this text what may be the causes of the extinction of the Moto G6 and how to remedy it. Let’s start by looking at faulty and miscalibrated battery issues. We will see in a second time that it is possible that the Moto G6 turns off because it overheats. Finally, we will look at issues related to updates and apps.

The Moto G6 turns off by itself because the battery is defective

One of the main causes of Moto G6 turning off by itself is battery malfunction. And yes, when a laptop shuts down without warning, it’s usually a sign that the battery is bad. If you have a second battery, it is possible to perform the test. If not, one can find apps to test the battery health of the Moto G6. This type of problem usually occurs in older batteries. So when your laptop is pretty old, it’s probably the battery. If the problem persists, go to the store.

The Moto G6 battery is miscalibrated

Sometimes the Moto G6 turns off for no reason because the battery is miscalibrated. This indicates that the laptop thinks your battery is more discharged than it really is. The Moto G6 then turns off, thinking it’s out of battery. If you want to solve this problem, you will need to allow the Moto G6 to discharge completely. When OK, remove and replace the battery if possible. Second plug in charging and let it charge up to max. So the Moto G6 should stop turning off for no reason.

The Moto G6 turns off because it overheats

This is also one of the usual reasons for the extinction of the Moto G6. And yes, for safety reasons, smartphones that overheat turn themselves off. The causes of overheating can be many and we recommend you read our article on the Moto G6 overheating.

The phone turns off because Android is out of date

This is also a well-known issue that can cause the Moto G6 to die. In fact, when your laptop is out of date, your Moto G6 is likely to turn off by itself. So you need to make sure your Moto G6 is up to date. Do not hesitate to consult our guide to update the Moto G6.

An app turns off your Moto G6

Occasionally, apps can crash on a laptop. In fact, some apps cause errors on the Moto G6 and some of them cause the laptop to shut down. If the Moto G6 still turns off when you use the same app, that means the problem is there. All you have to do now is uninstall the app if necessary.