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My second generation of iPod Touch is dead

My second generation of iPod Touch is dead

My iPod touch hasn’t been responding since yesterday. I can’t see anything on the screen and the buttons don’t do anything, nor the backlight. The problem started when I wanted to plug my iPod into the wall to charge it (it was almost empty). When I plugged in my iPod, the screen went out and I haven’t had a response since. I think the battery is broken, but I’m not sure. How can I solve this problem? Or should I contact Apple?

There seems to be a good chance that there is a hardware problem, in which case you should contact Apple.

If you don’t have it yet, the only thing to do is connect it to your computer for about 15 minutes. Sometimes it takes a while, if the battery is completely dead, to start charging. But I’m pretty confident it won’t work, considering it had life before I hooked it up. It would be something to try if you wanted to take the time.

It looks like you have some sort of AC power. You should in fact contact Apple.

Try plugging it into a tested power supply and holding the Home button and the sleep / off button at the same time.

Contacting Apple is the best course of action here; however, it is not possible to get support. It’s a second generation iPod touch, which means it’s probably not covered by a warranty.