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New apps for iPhone. The highlights of the week

New apps for iPhone. The highlights of the week

We bring you the new apps most outstanding arrivals at the apps Store during the last week.

Featured new arrivals on the App Store

We reach the halfway point of the week and with it comes the section of the New applications most prominent. A compilation in which we weekly name the new apps that we most recommend you download to your devices iOS.

In the last seven days interesting news has arrived that we are going to tell you about next. As always, they have been released hundreds of apps, but in APPerlas we have filtered them and we have kept the most interesting. We hope they interest you too.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

Applications released between July 7 and 14, 2022, in the app store.

Banana Kong 2 :

Banana Kong 2

Run, jump, bounce and hang on vines as you traverse forests, caves, treetops, lakes… and even the North Pole. She completes all the quests, gets bananas and earns golden Kong coins to buy upgrades, hats and many more items in the shop of this jungle madness.

Download Banana Kong 2

Dicey Dungeons :

Dicey Dungeons

Dynamic deck-building roguelike game where you have to fight against monsters, find the best loot and level up your heroes to defeat the goddess Luck herself. Readjust your carefully planned strategies in the face of the uncertainty of a roll of the dice.

download icey dungeons

Loopsie Retouch – Erase Object :

Loopsie Retouch

Have you ever felt frustrated when people, objects, imperfections, texts spoil your photos? This app comes to solve all your problems. The artificial intelligence technology used in this app is the bomb.

Download Loopsie Retouch

Horror Tale: Kidnapper :

Horror Tale: Kidnapper

Horror game in which you will have to immerse yourself in an exciting adventure. Children have been missing for a long time in Lakewitch and you are destined to solve this spooky mystery. Who is the kidnapper and why does he do it? Where are the children disappearing and how to save them? You can solve all the riddles and find the answers… if you don’t get scared!

Download Horror Tale

Wrist Nebula :

Wrist Nebula

Space battle adventure game. It’s an Apple Watch exclusive so you can play on the go or when you’re stuck in one place for hours. Save the galaxy from astroids, ships and bosses using your unique ships and abilities.

Download Wrist Nebula

Without further ado, we are waiting for you next week with the best new applications for iPhone Y iPad.