New apps that we recommend you download on your iPhone and iPad

We show you the five new apps outstanding, arrivals during the last week to the app store. I’m sure you’ll download some.

New apps on the App Store

The Thursday of the app premieres arrives on our website. The central day of the week in which we review all the New applications that have reached the app store Manzana. Of all of them we select the ones that seem the most interesting to us and here we bring them to you.

As usual, almost all of them are games but we always investigate a little more, so as not to make this section so monotonous. This week we bring you games, classics, a voice changer app, a text editor… you’re going to love it.

Top new iPhone apps of the week:

These are the most outstanding news, published on the App Store between June 2 and 9, 2022.

Voice changer with effects :

Voice changer with effects

App that allows you to change your voice and have fun listening to how your modified voice sounds. Record yourself, apply the effects you want and share them with your friends. Includes more than 40 effects such as helium, robot, giant, backwards, drunk…

Download voice changer with effects

TextMaker :


The only complete Office word processor for your Word files. Work on your Word documents wherever and whenever you want. Take advantage of a set of features that you would otherwise only know from your PC or Mac. Almost all features can be used permanently and for free.

Download TextMaker

raising monster :

raising monster

Capture and gather enemy monsters and then have fun making them stronger. Simple RPG game, easy to play and fun. Grow your monster and weapons to make them more powerful. Upgrade your suit to get a unique suit. Build your deck of cards strategically based on the superiority/inferiority of the monsters’ attributes. Defeat the Ancient Dragon in the dungeon within the time limit and collect great rewards.

Download RaisingMonster

Minesweeper- Shapes :


Enjoy the classic game of Minesweeper, but with a fun, exciting and challenging twist. Relive your nostalgia with the original rectangular board, or switch things up and take on the Shaped Minesweeper!

Download Minesweeper

looser :


Using this app is a great way to get a random and fair result for small decisions.

Download looser

What did you think about the selection?. Have you downloaded any? If so, we would like you to tell us which one.

Without further ado, we say goodbye to you until next week with new applications for iPhone Y iPad.