New iPhone apps that just hit the App Store

Here the new apps outstanding, among the hundreds and hundreds that have arrived in recent days at the apps Store.

New releases on the App Store

Again Thursday and like every week, the compilation of the New applications most outstanding that have reached iOS. Some applications that are having a good review in their first days in the app store of Manzana and, therefore, we mention them in this article.

This week we bring you a little bit of everything. fantastic games among which stands out a sequel that many of us have waited 12 years for, health apps, training apps… . If you want to know what they are, continue reading.

The most outstanding app releases for iPhone of the week:

Applications released between April 14 and 21, 2022, in the apps Store.

Hot Lap League :

Hot Lap League

Race and drift at breakneck speeds on a wide range of fun tracks. Take full control of your car, perfect your driving style and prove yourself. Drift and race on over 150 action-packed tracks, each with their own unique techniques and strategies.

Download Hot Lap League

Runance :

Runance on iPhone

Simple to run, privacy-focused app designed specifically for Apple Watch. Log your workouts through your watch and get detailed information about your workouts through the app iOS as we show you in the image above. Below we show you the interface of the app on the Apple watch.

Runance on Apple Watch

Download runance

hearthive :


App that allows you to share and compare various health metrics, anonymously, with the Heart Hive community. You can see where you stand against other users and filter by various demographics to get a deep understanding of health. By sharing your anonymous health profile, you strengthen the community, but you will always be in control of what you share and when you share it. You can delete your Hive profile at any time.

Download Heart Hive

FastBot – Intermittent Fasting :


A powerful data analyzer allows you to understand how the different stages of fasting improve your health and reduce body fat. Blood sugar testing helps you understand how your insulin sensitivity changes during fasting intervals. FastBot provides a smart recommendation system that gives you suggestions on how to reduce weight and body fat.

Download FastBot

The Impossible Game 2 :

The Impossible Game 2

Your 12-year wait is over. The original rhythm platformer is back. Test your skills with all-new levels, online Battle Royale, and more.

Download The Impossible Game 2

If you download a paid app and you are not happy with it, by following the tutorial that we link below, you can make return the money you have paid for the application.

Interesting all the apps, right?. Of the many that have arrived in the App Store in the last week, we have filtered and chosen the best applications for you.

Greetings and we are waiting for you next week with new app releases.