New LinkedIn Features Coming This Year

LinkedIn, the social network that now has 740 million users worldwide, revealed new features that it will implement in the coming months. These include training and education, professional development, networking with others and news, etc.

The company is adding more videos to people’s profiles, with the launch of a «Video Cover Story». They are short videos that people can make talking about themselves to live on their home pages. And to make people feel more connected to how they’re represented on LinkedIn, you’re also adding a pronoun function.

Alongside these, the company is officially launching a new “Creator” mode. This is a more refined but also more democratic version of the company’s Influencers network (anyone can be a Creator to begin with if they want to). It’s also creating a stronger place for freelancers on the platform, through a new service page attached to their profile.

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Education among the new LinkedIn features

LinkedIn’s educational and training efforts are also getting a boost. The program he launched with Microsoft, the owner of LinkedIn. So that? For free online training in 10 different areas, in the wake of the economic change that Covid-19 brought to the world, it will run until the end of this year. And it also announces a new Teams-based app in partnership with Microsoft called Career Coach addressed to students.

Taken together, this seemingly disparate set of ads builds on an interesting development for LinkedIn. And it is that social networks, whether it is a person who publishes content or simply looks at publications of others who feel that they talk about their situation in life, has a strong background of empowerment throughout it. Through these different features and products, LinkedIn tries, in its own way, to bring part of that individual identity and voice to its own platform.

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