New scam via WhatsApp: Esselunga is not celebrating its 65th anniversary

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging platforms in the world and for this reason it is often exploited by malicious people with the purpose of to trick users to then steal personal and sensitive information.

It is precisely in this sense that news reaches us of the latest scam found on WhatsApp. In fact, a message concerning a phantom promotional initiative Of long S to celebrate its 65th anniversary, which would offer discount coupons up to € 1,000 in exchange for filling out a questionnaire. All of this is clearly false.

The WhatsApp message related to the scam includes a link to a web page, which aims to simulate the Esselunga site complete with photos and fake comments positive.

We suggest you always be careful to these communications, both because companies they do not resort to WhatsApp chains to spread their promotions and both because they rely on secure web domainswith clear URLs.