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New SPOTIFY for iPhone, more beautiful and smarter

New SPOTIFY for iPhone, more beautiful and smarter

We already have available NEW SPOTIFYafter the recent update to version 1.0.0 received in our iPhone Y ipod touch.

And it is that this well-known streaming music app has been updated and has completely redesigned its interface. Now it is much more beautiful, more intuitive and more colorful than before, from our humble point of view.

In addition to this colorful change, the app becomes smarter since this new spotify It will provide you with even smarter playlists, depending on your current mood… what do you think, we love this idea.

But nothing better than the list of new improvements provided by the developers of this magnificent app, to know what this new version brings.


Here we pass you the news of this version 1.0.0:

Here we show you a carousel of images where you can see different screens of the new interface:

The slideshow requires JavaScript.

We really like the new interface that SPOTIFY is launching, and it’s that now it’s much more “iOS 7” than before… everything more rounded and simplified.

In addition, we highlight the speed with which the app opens. It has greatly improved its performance, which is greatly appreciated. Before it was fast but now, and as they say in one of the points in the list of improvements of this new Spotify, if you blink you don’t see how it starts.

If you are a user of this great music platform, we recommend that you update NOW!!!

If you want to know more about this apparla, or you want to download it to your device, we recommend our in-depth article that we dedicated to it a few dates ago. click HERE to access it.

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