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Nothing Phone (1) official: a new OnePlus, at a different price

Nothing Phone (1) official: a new OnePlus, at a different price

Nothing Phone (1)the company’s first smartphone Carl Pei, formerly a leading executive at OnePlus, is finally official. And in fact the parallelism between the two brands is practically automatic: the ad system invitations which accompanied the launch of Phone (1), its online marketing campaign, and even the smartphone itself, with its peculiarities, recall the early OnePlus.

But be careful because a lot of water has passed under the bridges (8 years, to be precise, from OnePlus One): we are in 2022, and no one can afford a flagship killer nowadays, with top processor and price around 300 euros; not after 2 years of pandemic and with a looming recession. Here we are faced with a medium range, sold at the price of a medium range (premium).

And if on the one hand Nothing Phone (1) is undoubtedly original (especially in LEDs and in the use that is made of them), on the other hand it is simply a smartphone like any other. Phone (1) has not reinvented the wheel, it is not the next big thing, and in a world now clearly bored by smartphones, without the weapon of price on its side, we are not sure if many will prefer a premium mid-range of a however unknown company, or that of much more noble names. Glad (for Nothing!) To be wrong.

Nothing Phone (1): Technical Sheet

For too long, players in the technology sector have relied on research and analysis as ‘crutches’ to make cold and uninspiring products. In Nothing we follow what seems right to us to start a change in the sector, always focusing on offering an excellent user experience, first with the Ear (1) and now with our most important product, the Phone (1 ). Our first smartphone is the expression of a warmth and enthusiasm that can rarely be found in today’s technology.

by Carl Pei, CEO and co-founder of Nothing

The Phone (1) interface is called Glyphand allows you to customize the 900 Phone LEDs (1), associating personalized ringtones, even “in the lighting” to each contact. The fingerprint reader it is hidden under the display instead.

Still as regards the software, Nothing promises to be able to control “third-party products” from the quick settings of the phone: for now only the Tesla (unlock the doors, turn on the air conditioning, see the kilometers traveled, etc.), but other additions will be announced soon.

Furthermore, you can view your own directly in the Phone home (1) NFT collection and keep track of floor prices with the NFT Gallery. Two functions that are certainly original, but also quite niche.

As for the materials, the frame is made of 100% recycled aluminumand over 50% of the phone’s plastic components are made with bio or post-consumer recycled materials; the glass that protects it, front and back, is also Gorilla Glass 5.

Price and Exit

Nothing Phone (1) will be available in Italy from 21 July at 8 am, both on the official website and on Amazon.co.uk. The official price list is as follows

Nothing Phone (1) will also be available in stores and on the website WindTre (only 8 / 256GB), also in installments (starting from € 4.99 / month). WindTre users will also be able to pre-order the smartphone starting from 13 July.

It is therefore not difficult to imagine on which model the company points more, considering that the doubling of storage costs just 30 euros, and that the top variant will arrive only at a later date. The fact is that they are 529 euros …