One of the most reliable and impressive weather app for iPhone

We bring you an application with which we can know the time of our population and of thousands of cities in the world. A reliable weather app which is capable of forecasting up to 15 days ahead.

Reliable weather app for iPhone

Weather Now it is an interesting and spectacular weather app. Its great interface and its reliable forecasts for the next 15 days have caught our attention.

It is paid but many times, as we share with you on our channel of TelegramThey put it free for a limited time. Thanks to this we downloaded it and have it on our iPhone since we love to see, in real time, the areas where it rains and snows in the world, the temperature contrasts, the wind… . All this on an interactive map of the world that… is breathtaking.

Weather Now, a reliable weather app for iPhone:

As you can see in the images below, the application has a spectacular interface.

Weather Now Interface

As soon as you enter for the first time you will have to accept some permissions, such as the location permission, which we recommend you select the not exact location. After managing the relevant permissions, we fully enter the wonderful graphics of the app.

Do not stop rotating the world. We can see in which places it is night, day…, it seems that we travel on the ISS.

Information that we can see in this weather application:

At the bottom of the screen a menu appears from which we can access the following sections:

  • world ball: Allows us to access the screen that welcomes us to the app. From it we can rotate the world, zoom in on any part of the planet and access numerous information by pressing the gear button that appears on the right side of the screen. In it we can apply filters so that all kinds of weather layers appear on the map.

Screenshot of Weather Now

  • Whaether forecast: Characterized by a sun with clouds, we will be able to access the daily and 15-day weather forecast for our area.
  • maps: It is the central option of the menu and allows us to access maps where we can apply any layer we want. These maps can be displayed in different ways such as satellite view, transportation, map… and apply different color themes to it.
  • Places: Characterized by a kind of building with a tree, we will be able to add populations to which we want to do a meteorological follow-up.
  • Options: Application Settings is the rightmost option in the bottom menu.

In addition, the app is available for Apple Watch and has one of the widgets, for our iPhone, iPad Y iPod TOUCHmore complete in terms of weather information.

It is very reliable but we warn you that due to this crazy weather that we all suffer, it may sometimes not be completely correct in the forecasts.

If you are looking for a complete weather information application that forecasts for 15 days, that is beautiful, with a good widget… don’t hesitate to download it.

Download Weather Now

Greetings to all and until next time.