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One week with iOS 16 on my iPhone 13 Pro

The Beta of iOS 16 came out in early June for the developeders of Apple applications knew what to expect and the evolution of the new operating system.

iOS 16 lock screen

The new operating system that Apple has created, iOS 16, is new in many things, there are more than 50 new features to draw our attention, but the battery issue is what most worries people when installing it. Everyone asks about the performance of the device.

I have noticed that there are applications that do not work correctly, some close when opened, but the important ones are well implemented in the first version of this iOS, in which the battery leaves a couple of hours, or three, to be desired.

Remember that this is what usually happens with the BETAS.

iOS 16 performance is bad but not bad:

After a week of heavy use, I’ve noticed the bug in the iOS 16 beta in the battery and in some applications that I use frequently, but I remember that I have an iPad with iOS 15 and that saves me from many things.

The battery leaves a lot to be desired, really. But I’ve had a iPhone X and I know what it’s like to live glued to a charger or an external battery…. Also, my job is very office-based and while I’m at it, the iPhone It is charging and it is not a problem for me, although I recognize that there are people who do find it a great inconvenience.

The failure in some applications, yes they have made me think about going back to iOS 15, I recognize it. Although when I remember the iPad, I forget and use them on him. Now I use the iPad for almost everything, not just for work, and the truth is that I’m loving the experience.

Everything that I am noticing on my phone is something normal, something that I knew could happen if I installed the beta of iOS 16 That’s why I always recommend you not to do it.