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OnePlus Nord CE 2 updates to Android 12: how to join the beta

OnePlus Nord CE 2 updates to Android 12: how to join the beta

In recent years we have seen OnePlus concentrate particularly in the mid-range smartphone sector, after a few years at the top with only top of the range. Among the most recent devices launched by the Chinese house we find OnePlus Nord CE 2.

In the last few hours, some important news for the device have emerged online, because OnePlus has just released a new update sofware. This is the first build with Android 12, which arrives via the first Open Beta.

Between innovations introduced we find the introduction of the new graphic interface characteristic of the OxygenOS 12, the optimization of the AI System Boosterwhich deals with the fluidity of the system and animations, the introduction of the Dark Mode at system and app level, the new customization options forAlways On Display and new graphics for apps Gallery And Shelf.

As we mentioned above, this is the first Open Beta and will therefore be required to receive it join the programand above all take into account that there may be gods software-level bugs. OnePlus announces that in the first beta there were problems with the display of information in Always On, audio problems with wireless devices and WhatsApp clone apps and some problems with missing geolocation information in recorded videos.

To officially join the beta it will be necessary download and install manually the newly released Open Beta. To do this you will need to:

  1. Download the Open Beta from the official OnePlus forum on your smartphone (at the time of writing the build for European devices has not yet been released).
  2. Access the System settings and go to the section Updates.
  3. Access the context menu at the top right and select Local update.
  4. Confirm your willingness to install the Open Beta 1 automatically detected in the internal memory of the device.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete, at the end of everything the smartphone will restart.

It is good to consider that the installation of the Open Beta it does not require any reset. But just in case you want return to the building it will be necessary to apply the same procedure, downloading the stable build always from the OnePlus forum, with a contextual reset to the factory data.

After installing the first Open Beta you will receive them automatically all subsequent updates in beta. For more details we refer you to the official OnePlus forum, while below you will find the complete changelog associated with the first Android 12 Open Beta for OnePlus Nord CE 2.

Complete changelog


Dark mode


Work Life Balance


Canvas AOD

OnePlus Nord CE 2

Data sheet