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Pixel 6a beats Pixel 6 Pro in an unlock speed challenge

Pixel 6a beats Pixel 6 Pro in an unlock speed challenge

In the smartphone sector, Google is proving to be particularly active, and after launching its flagship Pixel 6, it is about to launch the Pixel 6a in the mid-range segment.

During the last Google I / O we officially met the Pixel 6a design and technical data sheet. Its official debut on the market will take place in a few weeks, but we can have another one preview of the device by going to see how yours works fingerprint sensor under the display.

The video you find below shows, from the minute 4:55a comparison performance in unlocking by fingerprint recognition between Pixel 6a and Pixel 6 Pro. From the images we clearly see that Pixel 6a behaves betterwhile the Pro shows uncertainty in the rapid recognition of the fingerprint.

This means that the Pixel 6a has a better fingerprint sensor in terms of speed and accuracy of recognition? No. The one who made the video used two different fingers for recognition, e has not been specified if both have been registered in the same way on the two devices.

In fact, we know, especially on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, that the accuracy and speed of recognition improve significantly if the same fingerprint is recorded several timesbeing careful to register all facets of the footprint.

It should also be noted that the Pixel 6a will sport a fingerprint sensor underneath the different typology compared to what we see on the Pixel 6. In both cases it is still optical sensorsand not ultrasonic sensors which potentially prove to be more accurate.

Therefore there are many differences between the two, unfortunately the comparison we see does not assure us to see them all clearly. There is also the variable to consider software optimizationseeing as the Pixel 6a still has a non-definitive build and probably not optimized.

We remind you that Pixel 6a will debut on the market, also in Italy, by July at the price of € 459. After its official launch, we will certainly be able to understand more about its performance in relation to Pixel 6.