PlayStation app for Android arrives with voice chat and PS5 functions

Sony today launched a new PlayStation app for Android and iOS. This with the aim of “amplifying his connections with friends and the games he loves to play, even when he is not at his console.” The new app includes a total redesign, voice chat, PS Store integration, and exclusive PS5 features.

Sony shared the news on their PlayStation blog today:

Starting today, the PS app will begin rolling out globally through updates to iOS (12.2 or later) and Android (6.0 or later) mobiles. The PS app introduces new features like voice chat, native PS Store integration, and a smoother experience with a completely new design.

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There are a number of notable new features and when the PS5 lands on November 12. PlayStation says you will be able to log into your console, launch games remotely from the app, manage storage, and more.

These are the major updates with the new app for iOS and Android:

  • Updated user interface: it The first thing you’ll notice is the sleek new user interface of the redesigned PS app. The new home screen lets you quickly see what your friends are playing. Also access details about your recently played games, including your Trophy List.
  • Message integration– For a unified experience, the PS Messages app feature will now be integrated into the updated PS app. So that? So you can seamlessly message your friends in one place. As part of this integration, PS Messages will no longer be available as a standalone application. Your existing messages and threads in PS Messages will be transferred to the updated PS application.
  • Voice chat and party groups: now you can create party groups from the PS application and voice chat with up to 15 more friends through your mobile. Also, a note to fans: the PlayStation team is investigating your feedback on the Part changes introduced in the PS4 8.00 system software update. There are no updates to share today, but thanks for talking about your concerns, we are listening and evaluating.
  • PlayStation Store and remote downloads seamlessly integrated native: The new native PS Store experience makes shopping and browsing fast and smooth, with the ability to remotely download games and add-ons directly to your PS4 and PS5.
  • New features for PS5: when arrive PS5, you’ll be able to launch games remotely, manage storage on your console if you run out of space while downloading a game, and quickly log into PS5 directly from the PS app.
  • All the latest PlayStation news: The Explore tab displays official game developer news and PS blog content. The goal is to help you keep up with the world of PlayStation.
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You need a PlayStation Network account to use the app. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one here.

The new PlayStation iOS and Android apps will be available starting today at App Store and Google Play Store. Check out the new app in the promo video below: