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Podcasts come to Amazon Music, we tell you how to listen to them

Podcasts come to Amazon Music, we tell you how to listen to them

Amazon is moving into the world of podcasts finally arriving on its Amazon Music service.

How do I listen to podcasts on Amazon Music?

If you live in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan, podcasts come to Amazon Music at all price levels at no additional cost.

Regardless of what you use to listen to Amazon Music, whether it’s web, mobile, or on Amazon Echo, you’ll be able to listen to podcasts.

Plus, podcasts will sync across all of these platforms, so you can listen to one on your commute in the morning via your smartphone, then come home at night and ask Alexa to keep playing.

Amazon Music will provide you with curated recommendations for new podcasts in a variety of categories, in addition to listing the most popular podcasts.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Steve Boom, Vice President of Amazon Music, said:

Despite all the hype and growth, podcasting is still in the early stages of mainstream adoption. Our entry will grow the cake for everyone and introduce new groups of listeners just like we do with streaming music. We believe the timing is perfect.

What podcasts does Amazon Music have?

The service launched with more than 70,000 podcasts, including existing popular shows like Crime Junkie, Radiolab, and Stuff You Should Know.

Although both Apple Music and Spotify host more than 1 million podcasts, Amazon will continue to add to that catalog.

The service will also expand with original content, with podcasts hosted by big names like Will Smith, DJ Khaled, and Becky G.

Amazon will run its own ads on this original content, while non-exclusive podcasts will retain ownership of how they are advertised.

Fans of the true crimes podcast Disgraceland will need to use Amazon Music if they want to keep listening to more episodes, as the show will be exclusive to the platform starting in February 2021.

From audiobooks to podcasts

It stands to reason that Amazon is taking the step of hosting podcasts on Amazon Music. The company already owns Audible, a platform for audiobooks, and podcasts are the next part of Amazon’s envisioned dominance of the audio space.