Prevent and disable iPhone iOS 9.2 from forced / pushed automatic download updates?

Prevent and Disable iPhone iOS 9.2 from Adding Automatic Updates?

iPhone 5 iOS 9.2 –

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Today in the morning he found that he had automatically downloaded 9.2.1 update – about 200-400MB.

I have a data cap with ISP, so I don’t want this to happen on Apple’s control.

How can I prevent and disable this?

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I found these older articles but it doesn’t seem to have worked / stopped the download.

The closest I came prevented all iOS devices from reaching the update server. This involves configuring the internet router to do this.

Configure the router to block the following domain:

This way the iDevice device will continue to talk to the Apple Store, allowing you to download / update iOS applications.

Some routers (like mine) only allow me to block non-domain “websites”. Fortunately, that’s all we need to do. Even the block of does the trick.

I’d say blocking the whole domain is a cleaner solution, if possible anyway.

Really, if your iPhone is on Wi-Fi and an update is available, it will download the update when it probably sleeps (2: 00-4: 00AM). There is no way to turn it off.

An alternative solution would be to turn Wi-Fi on your iPhone when you go to bed.

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