PS4 Pro – SSD reduces load times and improves graphics

SSD is a good investment for PS4 owners.


  • mounting a fast SSD in PS4 allows you to significantly improve game load times;
  • in some productions it also helps to deal with slow-loading textures;
  • improvements can be noted even when using a hard disk connected to the USB port;
  • SSD also allows you to turn on the console faster and offers several minor benefits.
  • The editors of Digital Foundry decided to check whether installing an SSD drive in PlayStation 4 is a profitable idea. The tests used the Samsung QVO 870 model with a capacity of 8 TB and the PS4 Pro console. The results are promising – this type of carrier significantly improves game loading times. It is worth noting that experts have checked how the drive works both when it is installed in the console and when it is connected to the USB port.

    Loading times – SSD vs HDD

    Game (map)

    PS4 HDD

    Motorola WHICH 870 (installation inside)

    Motorola WHICH 870 (USB port)

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Novigrad)

    91 seconds

    62 seconds

    67 seconds

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (White Orchard)

    40 seconds

    22 seconds

    22 seconds

    Battlefield V

    (Northern Lights)

    59 seconds

    34 seconds

    30 seconds

    Battlefield V


    66 seconds

    36 seconds

    31 seconds

    Days Gone

    87 seconds

    50 seconds

    47 seconds


    23 seconds

    13 seconds

    12 seconds

    Fallout 4

    44 seconds

    19 seconds

    14 seconds

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    33 seconds

    20 seconds

    19 seconds

    Does SSD improve graphics?

    But that’s not all – Installing an SSD in PS4 also allows you to improve graphics in some games. The best example is Final Fantasy VII Remake, which has serious problems with loading textures on time and with objects popping up suddenly (so-called pop-in) on a normal HDD. A noticeable improvement can also be seen in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Days Gone and Fallout 4.

    FFVII Remake – textures on HDD / SSD.
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – textures on HDD / SSD.
    Fallout 4 – HDD / SSD textures.

    Additionally thanks to the SSD disk, the console turns on much faster (we’re talking about full boot, not waking up from standby), games run more efficiently and without clipping, and the main menu is a bit smoother (although in the latter case the improvement is marginal – in this regard, the operation of the PS4 is limited mainly by the Internet and services network).

    It is worth noting that Digital Foundry experts used one of the top SSD models that are currently available on the market (for Samsung QVO 870 8 TB you have to pay about PLN 3700 with us). However, to achieve a noticeable improvement, you do not need to spend so much money – a cheaper drive should also bring good results.

  • PlayStation – official website of the series
  • Samsung – official website