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PS5 sells 2.5 million units on launch day

PS5 sells 2.5 million units on launch day

Now that the initial launch hysteria has subsided, we’ve started to see sales figures for the day of the PS5 launch.

It would appear that the global launch has gone well for Sony, with the PlayStation 5 more than doubling the launch day achievements of its predecessor PS4.

PS5 sells 2.5 million units on launch day

We know that PS5 completely outsold Xbox Series X in its native Japan. Now, according to game sales data analyst VGChartz, the PlayStation 5 sold between 2.1 and 2.5 million units worldwide on the day of its launch.

They are impressive figures. Especially when you consider that the PS4 managed to change around 1 million on launch day, in November 2013.

This means that the PS5 has at least doubled the sales of the PS4, potentially even surpassing that “double” milestone by a few hundred thousand units.

PS5 sales record despite console shortage

Before the PlayStation 5 was released, we knew there would be a shortage of consoles.

COVID has sparked supply chain failures and logistics nightmares for Sony. However, it seems that at least 2.1 million people managed to get hold of the console.

So despite these problems during production and shipping, and the resulting console shortage, Sony has done incredibly well.

Launch day could generate Sony between $ 1 and $ 1.25 billion, depending on how these figures are broken down between standard and digital consoles.

PS5 outsells Xbox series X Two-To-One

These impressive numbers also mean that the PS5 has outsold the Xbox series consoles by double.

Based on Xbox Series X sales estimates of VGChartz, Microsoft’s next generation was sold somewhere in the region of 1.2 million units worldwide.

This will undoubtedly be a huge blow to Xbox, given that it promoted so much its “Best sales on launch day”.

However, both Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox series are currently completely sold out.

If Microsoft manages to produce more consoles to meet demand, it may be able to recover some sales before we hit the next monthly sales cycle.

However, with the Series X stock shortage expected to continue through April 2021, it is difficult to see Microsoft competing with Sony.

Will the PS5 be the best-selling console of November in Spain?

We’ll have to wait until November passes, but given these solid sales figures, we may see the PlayStation 5 become the best-selling console of that month.

This means that Sony will have to topple Nintendo from its best-selling console position, which it has held for 23 months in Spain. The Switch has proven to be immensely popular.

However, Nintendo and many Nintendo retailers are getting into the Black Friday spirit. So with so many Switch deals available, we may see the Japanese creator of Mario retaining his crown.