PS5 – Sony will take care of players with disabilities


  • PS5 will have a number of features to facilitate gaming for people with disabilities;
  • we get the option of translating text into speech and vice versa, reading on-screen messages, as well as adjusting the colors, fonts and button layout on the pad.
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment announced in a blog post that the PlayStation 5 console it will have a number of functions designed for people with disabilities. I am talking about such things as a voice recorder (allows you to use text chats without using a pad), a text-to-speech system (conversely – translates text into spoken sentences), Screen Reader (reads messages that appear on the screen) or color adjustments.

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    The functions that allow you to change the settings of the keys on the pad and fonts will also return. Players will also get the option to reduce or completely disable the vibration of the DualSense controller and the so-called resistance. triggers (L2 and R2 buttons). In addition to all these items, further amenities may be offered under specific titles (Naughty Dog, for example, is known to take these kinds of things into account when designing their games)

    It is worth noting that some of the options described in the note were already available on the PlayStation 4 console (including text-to-speech, changing fonts and buttons on the pad), while others are something new.

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    PS5 will debut in Poland on November 19 this year. The basic variant of the console will be available for PLN 2299, while for a model without a Blu-ray reader we will pay PLN 450 less.

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