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Put a password on Asus ZenFone Live messages

Put a password on Asus ZenFone Live messages

Adding a password to Asus ZenFone Live text messages is convenient for a lot of situations. We don’t think about it regularly, but it is undeniable that we have a part of our personal life in the MESSAGES of our Asus ZenFone Live. So we don’t want anyone to find out about our personal conversations. In case you want your sms to be protected by a code if your phone is lost or stolen, read this tutorial. We will first discover how to put a code in the social and sms applications of the Asus ZenFone Live. Later we will see how to put a scheme type code in the text messages of the smartphone. Finally, for those who want to secure their discussions as much as possible, we will see the steps to encrypt the texts sent with the Asus ZenFone Live.

The method to put a code in Asus ZenFone Live text messages

The fastest way to put a code on Asus ZenFone Live text messages is to install an app. You can easily download various apps that will allow you to do this on the PlayStore. Among them is SMS Lock – Message Locker, which is easy to use and allows you to enter a PIN code to access sms from Asus ZenFone Live. So if you want to use it, just download and install it. All you have to do is set up your code and you’re good to go!

Put a code in the messages of social applications

In case you are using social apps like Viber or Messenger, you probably also want to put a password on the sms you store through these apps. To do this, it’s quite simple: just install Message Locker – SMS Lock. Once installed, you will be able to choose the email apps you want to put a code for. Therefore, all Asus ZenFone Live messages will be protected.

How to add a scheme code in Asus ZenFone Live text messages

If you never have a super good memory for numbers, you might want to add an outline system to Asus ZenFone Live text access. In fact, a scheme is generally more convenient to memorize than a password. Therefore, the SMS Lock app will give you the possibility to use a scheme to replace the code.

How to encrypt Asus ZenFone Live MESSAGES

For people who really don’t want their text messages intercepted, keep in mind that it’s possible to encrypt your text messages. To do this, you’ll need to go through an app like Secure Text. In fact, no one could read the messages without the encryption key. It is, therefore, a type of ultra-secure communication. With this method, not even the secret services will be able to decrypt your text messages!