Question about iPod / iTunes

My husband has an old iPod nano. He has music on it that he has put into himself from CDs that have been crooked in one move. He also has music from iTunes. Also, since I have an android phone, I am buying music through Amazon music. I’d like to get a new iPod touch for Christmas to make it easier for him to add and remove music, but I’m worried his non-iTunes music won’t transfer and Amazon’s music won’t be able to be used. Can anyone tell me if this will be a problem? And if so, is there anything specific I can do to make it all work? Any help would be appreciated.

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As long as the songs are still in its library in iTunes, all the songs are still available to sync to the new iPod touch.

Also, you should be able to sync your old iPod nano with iTunes to play the songs in case they’re not in your library.

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