Receive calls through Popups with Call PopOut

One of the most common problems when we are using an application on our mobile is when a call comes in, many times we must abruptly exit the application and perhaps lose what we were doing, or if we are in a game we lose our progress. To solve this problem we have Call PopOut, an application that allows you to manage your incoming calls while you are still in the application you are using.

Whether you are browsing the internet, watching a video on YouTube, using any application or playing games; Call PopOut appears as an incoming call in the form of a small popup (like Facebook chats) with the name and number of the incoming call, which you can reject, accept, silence or hide and continue with the application you were using. You decide where it appears and how large it appears.

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Call PopOut Features

  • This application allows you to receive, reject, silence and hide incoming calls from the application you are using at that precise moment. No need to exit the application or close it momentarily.
  • Highly customizable. You decide the size and the place where the circular incoming call icon comes out.
  • 3 operating modes: All applications, application list and off.
  • Call PopOut is compatible with all the applications on your mobile device.
  • Off mode, to deactivate the application with a single touch.

Download Call PopOut

You no longer have to leave your favorite applications to answer a call. Call PopOut makes your life easier with your mobile. This is a completely free application and is compatible for all Android 2.2 and higher versions mobile devices.

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