Recreate the iPad air from the dead

My iPad Air died a couple of days ago, I recorded his last dying breath >> Youtube

Before it crashed for good my daughter was playing a disney game in Safari when she told me that the screen turned blue to black. So I thought the battery was dead and she’d put it in so it wouldn’t go again.

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Later that day I tried key combinations on the even plugged in (and out) of my macbook to get it going again. Uselessly.

What’s the next best step?

  • Disassemble / reassemble
  • Send to Apple (is this expensive?)
  • Option 3?

Model A1474 (FCC ID BCGA1474 IC 579C A1472)

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I took the device to an Apple certified service provider and they noticed the iPad was nearly 2 years old and might be eligible for the warranty. They (Apple) replaced the device at no cost!

The problem with your video looks like it could be the Digitizer going wrong.

The iPad assembly, especially the Air series, is a huge pain in the butt (the Repairability score on iFitIt is 2/10). If you want to go that route here is the information from iFixIt:

Unlike iPhones, Apple does not replace screens / digitizers due to the complicated repair process. However, they will offer you a new iPad (the same type as the one you have) with an out-of-warranty exchange:

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