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Reliable and highly-reviewed weather app for iPhone

Reliable and highly-reviewed weather app for iPhone

We are talking about a very interesting weather app for iPhone that we have just discovered and that we advise you to download. Simple and effective, it offers us all kinds of information and notifications regarding the weather in the area where you are.

iPhone Weather App

Surely we all consult the weather app more than once a day. It is certainly one of the functions of our iPhone most used by all of us but, surely, many of us native weather app It is a bit short for us and look that it has improved a lot in recent years.

But if you are still not convinced by the application of the time of the iPhone we are going to bring you one that, possibly, is one of the most reliable of all that we have tested and look what weather apps We have tested a lot. Today we are talking about WeatherBug, an app that was recommended to us by one of our followers on Telegram and that we loved it.

In the US it has had more than 1.4 million downloads with an average rating of 4.8 stars.

WeatherBug, a good weather app for iPhone:

Weatherbug has a really simple interface to interpret and already on the main screen, it offers us all kinds of information about the location where we are.

WeatherBug Home Page

Very interesting, for example, the distance of the closest lightning strikes, fires, hurricanes… that we can see in the “Now” option. By clicking on each of these items, a map will appear with all the information about it.

At the top we see the options “Hourly”, “10 days” and “Maps”. In the first two we can see the weather forecast for hours and days. By clicking on each hour or day, depending on the interface you are in, you can expand the information.

Weather forecast for 10 days

By clicking on «Maps» you will access maps with different layers in which you can configure storms, radar, air quality, rain, temperature… and, by pressing «Play» you will be able to see the evolution of the layer you have selected in the last few minutes.

Different layers in the maps of the app

But the thing does not stop there. We recommend that you activate the notifications of the app because they are not very intrusive and they always alert you to weather phenomena that may affect your area.

It is also compatible with Apple Watch so if you have this Apple device, it will also inform you from your wrist.

Without a doubt, an app to keep in mind if you want to be well informed about the weather.

Download WeatherBug