Remove the beep of the keys of the Moto G6

As with most cell phones, the Moto G6 beeps as soon as you click a key on the keyboard. It can happen that exasperates people and we can understand that. In fact, the beep of the keys is not necessarily essential and, above all, it is not silent. Therefore, in the event that you want to be able to write a message during a meeting without those around you hearing the beep of your Moto G6, this tutorial will interest you. We will first find out how to turn off the beep on a Moto G6. We will see in a second time what the beep of the key is for. Finally, for those of you who only want to change the beep, we will see the method to change the beep of the Moto G6 keys, in case you want a different sound.

Tutorial to remove the beep from the Moto G6 keys

In case you aspire to remove the beep from the Moto G6 keys, you will see that it is as simple as saying hello. To get there you have to go to parameters of the Moto G6. Once you are there, go to the tab language and typing. Once you are there, you will be able to see all the built-in keyboards on the Moto G6. Then you need to click on the default keyboard of the smartphone and then go to preferences. Once you are there, try to find the option Sound at every touch and turn it off. From now on, the beep should no longer bother you when using the Moto G6 keyboard.

How useful is the sound of the keys on the Moto G6

The tactile beep is a downright off-putting thing, but this feature is still useful. In fact, just like the vibration of the keys, the beep of the keys provides an opportunity to inform the user of the Moto G6 that the smartphone has assimilated the control well. That’s the only use! So don’t be fooled and turn off the touch beep on your Moto G6.

The technique to change the beep of the Moto G6 keys

If there are any of you who do not want to remove the beep key, but just change it, then we will see how to do it. You should know that the key beep is associated with the keyboard that is active on your Moto G6. So if you want to change the key beep, you will have to change the keyboard. It is not a very difficult task, just download one from PlaySore and install it. Then go to settings to enable it.