Remove the beep of the keys of the OnePlus 6

As with many smartphones, the OnePlus 6 beeps briefly when you click a key on the keyboard. It often becomes boring and easy to understand. To be sure, the beeping of the keys is not necessarily useful and above all it is not inconspicuous. So if you want to be able to write a message in a meeting without being disturbed by the beep of your OnePlus 6, this text is for you. Let us see how to remove the key beep on OnePlus 6. Let us see what the key beep is for. Finally, for those who want to change, we will discover the technique to change the touch beep of the OnePlus 6, in case you want a different sound.

How to remove the key beep on the OnePlus 6

In case you want to remove the beep from the OnePlus 6 keys, you will see that it is really easy. To get there you have to go to parameters OnePlus 6. Once you are there, go to the section language and typing. Once you are there, you can discover all the built-in keyboards in OnePlus 6. All you have to do is choose the phone’s default keyboard and then go to preferences. When you’re done, look for the option Sound at every touch and uncheck there. From now on, there should be no more beeps when using the OnePlus 6 keyboard.

How useful is the sound of the keys on the OnePlus 6

The tactile beep is a pretty tense thing, but this feature still has a reason to exist. In fact, just like the key vibration, the key beep provides an opportunity to warn the OnePlus 6 user that the smartphone has understood the command. That’s all about it! So don’t be shy about turning off the beep on your OnePlus 6.

What is the technique to change the beep of the OnePlus 6 keys

If there are some who do not want to remove the beep key, but just change it, we will see how to do it. Please note that the key beep is related to the keyboard that is activated on your OnePlus 6. So if you want to change the key beep, you need to change the keyboard. It is not a very complicated manipulation, you just need to download one from PlaySore and install it. Then quote at the configuration level to activate it.