Removed “shift” from a letter on iPad Pro with Apple Smart Keyboard

This is strange. I was typing on an apple “smart keyboard” connected to an iPad Pro. “Notes” TRULY wants to capitalize the first letter of each row and “Mail” TRULY wants to capitalize any letter after typing a “:” character.

When I use the onscreen keyboard it is easy to see that the ‘Shift’ button is active and press to turn it off. However, for the life of me, I couldn’t get the shift to disengage while I had the apple keyboard attached to the iPad Pro! I had to physically disconnect it to bring the keyboard back to the screen where I could turn off the ‘Shift’ button.

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Anyone know a way to do this without disconnecting the physical keyboard?

Disable self-capitalization in settings> general> keyboard, I don’t have an iPad Pro, so I’m not quite sure if it works, but with Bluetooth keyboard.

I have auto-caps disabled in settings on my iPad Pro and iOS still has errant auto-cap issues.

It appears to be related to how the operating system interacts with various applications.

For example, in Word for iOS, the application spontaneously capitalizes the letter “i” if it is at the beginning of a word. (but not on other occasions) To get rid of this, I have to go back to space, hold down the shift key and type “i” again and type a lowercase “i”.

In other iOS applications, I get several auto-cap errors.

Restarting the iPad does not cause the problem.

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