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Roku removes YouTube TV from its platform

Roku removes YouTube TV from its platform

Hardly a day goes by that a schoolyard brawl doesn’t break out between top tech players. This time it’s Roku and Google arguing, and Roku removes YouTube TV from its channel in defiance.

Roku removes YouTube from its channel store

If you have a Roku chromecast with YouTube TV, make sure not to delete the app to free up space. At least not if you want to use it again. Why? Because Roku has removed the app from its channel store and, which means you can’t currently add it to its box.

This comes just days after Roku said it “could” remove YouTube TV from its platform as a dispute arose over unfair terms of use. The YouTube TV distribution agreement between Roku and Google has expired and they cannot reach an agreement because Google, according to Roku, is trying to impose unfair terms.

What are the unfair conditions that Google is supposedly trying to impose?

In a statement issued to the press, Roku said the following:

We’ve only asked Google for four simple commitments. First, don’t manipulate consumer search results. Second, do not require access to data that is not available to anyone else. Third, not leveraging its YouTube monopoly to force Roku to agree to hardware requirements that would drive up consumer costs. Fourth, not act in a discriminatory and anti-competitive manner against Roku.

Now, it appears that Roku feels that Google is not ready to commit to relaxing its supposedly restrictive terms. This leaves new Roku TV customers without access to YouTube TV.

What does removing YouTube TV mean for Roku customers?

As said, for existing customers, there will be no difference as long as you have already installed the application. You should still be able to use it on your Roku device.

However, if you are an existing customer without the app, or a new Roku customer, then sadly, you won’t be able to install the app unless Roku restores it in the Channel Store. That is unlikely to happen while the two of you are fighting on the playground.

What does this Roku / Google Spat say about the tech industry?

Besides being very childish, it tells us what we already know and confirms our beliefs about Google, apples, and Amazons.

These companies are so big and run platforms that are so popular that they force everyone else to be a part of that platform or face failure. It seems that many companies have the same to say about how these massive brands surround large portions of the market.

A bold move for Roku

Any company that takes on its own personal goliath is to be admired. However, whether it is a reckless move is another matter. Stepping on the wrong toes and you risk being suffocated and disappearing by what appear to be restrictive terms.

Maybe it’s time to find a different streaming service, Roku users …