Rumor: the Polish price of the Xbox Series X has leaked


The representatives of the Media Expert network have issued a special statement in which they say that the Xbox Series X price leak allegedly originating from their sales system is fake. So far, it is not officially known how much the new Microsoft console will cost in our country.

The premiere of the latest Xbox Series X electrifies gaming fans around the world, but at the moment the official price of this product is not known. We treat the screen with the price of the console, allegedly coming from the Media Expert sales system, only as evidence of the growing emotions around this premiere and the accompanying media speculations.

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Original message

The fever is rising before the premieres of new-generation consoles scheduled for this year. Every now and then we receive more or less reliable information about them. Recently, for example, we wrote about rumors about the price of PlayStation 5. However, today’s leak is related to the Xbox Series X. Well, the editorial office of Łowcy Gier was contacted by a person claiming to be an employee of one of the large electromarkets. She informed that the latest platform from Microsoft on the day of its premiere will cost PLN 2499 in our country. For comparison, the Xbox One could be obtained just after its debut in Poland for PLN 1599.

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How much will the Xbox Series X cost in Poland? It is possible that we already know.

The Game Hunter Guide has indicated that the given price comes from the seller’s panel and does not necessarily have to be final. However, as the website editors noted, it is quite unlikely. There is still doubt as to whether the above leak can be considered credible. Everything will be clear when the pre-orders are launched, which may happen soon.

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