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Samsung Galaxy S9: The best compatible watches

Samsung Galaxy S9: The best compatible watches

The connected world of watches is evolving very fast. And yes, connected watches now know how to do a lot of things. This will make it easier to move certain activities from your Samsung Galaxy S9 to your watch. Sometimes you may be able to take a call, read a text message, or measure your heart rate directly from your connected watch. However, the smartwatch market can sometimes be difficult to understand, so we will take a look at the different types of watches that are compatible with your Samsung Galaxy S9. We will first see what a companion watch is and which ones are best for your Samsung Galaxy S9. We will see secondly the activity sensor type watches. Finally, we will discover standalone connected watches and their benefits.

What are the best companion watches for your Samsung Galaxy S9

The mission of companion watches is to interact with your Samsung Galaxy S9. This type of watch can display indications found on the mobile. For example, they can display a message you received or show you the address during GPS guidance. In addition to interacting with your Samsung Galaxy S9, the companion watch will also capture activity. This means that the watch will collect information to communicate with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its applications. You can connect the watch to sports apps to know your heart rate or track your sleep. This type of connected watch is quite versatile. Therefore, available features will vary across ranges and prices. We have selected for you the best companion and compatible watches for the Samsung Galaxy S9 below: Sony SmartWatch 3 / Pebble 511 / STOGA.

The best watches with activity sensor for Samsung Galaxy S9

Activity sensors are connected wristbands or watches that transmit data to your Samsung Galaxy S9. Therefore, with the devices inside the activity sensor, it is possible to collect a multitude of information. That’s why most activity sensors are equipped with an ambient light sensor, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, and GPS. With the help of these sensors it will be possible for you to know your heart rate, the number of steps you have taken, the number of kilometers traveled or your sleep cycles. All this information will be processed by the applications that are installed on your Samsung Galaxy S9. You can easily find them on PlayStore. Therefore, if you want to have information about your sports or daily activities, activity sensors are what you need. These are the best activity sensors for your Samsung Galaxy S9: Nokia Steel / Fitbit Charge 2 / Fitbit Alta.

The independent clocks that can accompany your Samsung Galaxy S9

Standalone connected watches are smartphones in the form of watches. This means that they will be able to receive a SIM card and therefore call and text independently. That way, you don’t need to have a smartphone to use it. However, it is still possible to connect the independent clocks to your Samsung Galaxy S9. So by connecting it to your Samsung Galaxy S9, the standalone watch can become a companion watch or activity sensor. It will be possible to collect information, as well as read a text message or answer a call. If you want the best for your Samsung Galaxy S9, here is our selection of standalone watches compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S9: Samsung Gear S3 / Asus ZenWatch 3 / AGPtEK Z9.