Samsung Isocell HP3 is the new 200MP super sensor everyone will want

Samsung is not only the leader of the smartphone market globally but its large company also includes divisions dedicated to the production of hardware components. In addition to those they produce processors And displaywe also find the division that develops photographic sensors.

Precisely in this context, the South Korean giant officially presented the new one Samsung ISOCELL HP3. It is a photographic sensor capable of shooting at the resolution of well 200 megapixels. The surface corresponds to 1 /1.4 inchwhile the native pixel size is equal to 0.56 μm. Compared to the previous generation, the ISOCELL HP1, the overall size of the 20%while those of the pixels have been reduced by 12%.

This means that the new Samsung ISOCELL HP3 will be able to fit better to smaller device sizes. In addition, Samsung’s new sensor will be able to capture images a 14 bit with support for up to 4 trillion colors.

The new component presented by Samsung also sports the new mechanism autofocus defined Super QPD. This uses a single lens on four adjacent pixels to detect phase differences in both horizontal and vertical directions. The whole thing should result in a focus more accurate and faster compared to the previous generation.

Video resolution support goes up to 4K at 120fps And 8K at 30fps. Also in this sensor we find the adoption of the technique of pixel binning: 50 megapixel images (2 × 2 binning) with 1.12 μm pixels or 12.5 megapixel images (4 × 4 binning) with a pixel size of 2.24 μm can be acquired.

Among other innovations, we find technology Smart ISO Prowhich should ensure a better dynamic range, increasing the quality of the applied HDR.

We therefore expect Samsung’s new 200 megapixel ISOCELL HP3 will be the object of desire of many manufacturers of Android smartphones, especially for their top of the range. Production of the sensor should begin at the end of 2022and we can speculate to see its debut on the next Galaxy S23.