Samsung would have its warehouses full: the Galaxy A no longer sell as it once did

Samsung is one of the most active companies in the smartphone market, with its models covering all market segments. Despite this, the last few times they don’t look particularly rosy in terms of sales for the South Korean manufacturer.

In fact, in the last few hours the well-known leaker Ice Universe shared some interesting details that define how the smartphone market is doing mid-range by Samsung. According to the data, which mainly concern the Chinese market, Samsung it would have about 50 million in stock of smartphone Galaxy A.

This sizable figure is unusual for Samsung and pier probably mirrors the fact that the Galaxy A they no longer sell like they used toat least in the Chinese market.

It is good to remember how the Galaxy A series received many consents in recent years, especially with regard to Western markets. Samsung has brought a number of interesting models into the Galaxy A models technical and software innovations, which we then found in the top-of-the-range models that came out shortly after. It therefore seemed that Samsung wanted to make the Galaxy A series a test bed for the top of the range of the immediate future.

In recent times we have seen wane this aspect, with Samsung presenting Galaxy A models that are still interesting, at mid-range prices, but with fewer technical innovations. This probably has weighed on the decline in sales in China, together with the arrival on the market of many other competitors that offer devices with top-of-the-range specifications at competitive prices, such as Realme for example.

Samsung aims to sell at least 270 million of smartphones this year, and these 50 million that remain stationary correspond to the 18% of the figure, a good chunk. In reaction to this, Samsung would also have cut production of new models from 20 to 10 million during last May. We will see if things improve in the second half of 2022.